Classes begin the week of September 4th, 2018

Classes meet at Smart Toys & Books
9700 Kingston Pike
Knoxville TN, 37922

NEW this year – FRIDAY morning classes!!!

Easy to enroll!
Simply email or call with your class selection!
865-898-4750 (call or text)
or click here to register online

FAMILY CLASS – All Ages (average age is 2 years)
Monday 4:45 – Smart Toys & Books
Monday 5:45 – Smart Toys & Books
Wednesday 9:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Thursday 9:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Friday 11:30 – Smart Toys & Books

BABIES – Birth to Active Walkers
Monday 11:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Tuesday 9:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Wednesday 11:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Thursday 11:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Friday 9:30 – Smart Toys & Books

TODDLERS – Active Walkers to 2 1/2 years
Monday 9:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Monday 10:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Tuesday 10:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Wednesday 10:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Thursday 9:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Thursday 10:30 – Smart Toys & Books
Friday 10:30 – Smart Toys & Books

3 to 4 years
Tuesday 11:30 – Smart Toys & Books
4 to 5 years (instrument introductions)
Monday 3:45 – Smart Toys & Books

Knox Kindermusik is a “school year” based program.
Classes (30 sessions) running September through the end of April/first of May.
Holiday breaks will be taken throughout the year.

Fall Break October 8 – 12
Thanksgiving Break November 20 – 23
Holiday Break December 24 – January 4
Spring Break March 11 – 17

BONUS Classes
Feel like attending another class one week?
If there is space in the class you can!
Complimentary with enrolled students. Information is shared in your enrollment information email.
Unlimited Make-Up classes
If you have to miss a class for any reason you are welcome to attend another class anytime while enrolled in a session. (You can not “bank” classes for future unenrolled sessions).
Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are not happy with your class please let me know.
I will do what I can to assist with your satisfaction.
Easy to change classes!
If your schedule changes for any reason you can move to any open class.
When your child is ready to move to an older class you can move anytime during the year.
Easy Withdrawal.
Simply send notification in writing (email) before the first of the month.

Two payment options: Yearly (discounted) or eight monthly installments.
Class fees include all classes and musical take-home materials.
Family Fees are for families with more than one child enrolled in the same class after the second child turns one year.

(payments collected September through April. Checks/cash/debit/credit card accepted)
Single child $70.00
Family Fee $100.00

Full Year Payment
(Discounted payment collected in September – check/cash only)
Single child  $520

Family Fee $750

Easy to enroll!
Simply email or call with your class selection!
or click here to register online

Early registration is encouraged to assure your class choice. 
Pro-rated fees are available for students beginning later in the year session.