Music, Movement and the Laughter of Children……..
Are you ready to celebrate your little ones birth!
A Kindermusik Birthday party is an excellent  choice for children celebrating their 1st birthday to their 5th!
The first 10 minutes of the party instruments will be available for the children to explore until all of their friends arrive.  Once everyone has arrived we begin with singing a special hello song. Then thirty minutes of activities will include instrument exploration, movement with either hula hoops or balls or a parachute.
A bubble celebration will end with a POP! Themes are available including: on the farm, at the beach, trains and cars, Dora, or simply MUSIC!

I recommend having no more than 12 to 15 children in attendance at the party. (You may choose to send out more than 15 invitations since it’s not likely that
everyone who is invited will be able to attend) A Kindermusik Birthday Party is best suited for children between the ages of 6 months and 7 years.

I invite EVERYONE to get involved, no matter what your age!!! Children and guests ages 1 and 2 need to have an adult to participate with them. Children 3 and older adult participation is encouraged, but optional. I do ask that at least one adult be present and available for every 5 children.

Plan your party to begin with Kindermusik! Food, toys and gifts should come after the musical fun. You might even choose a quick musical craft with the children
afterwards. A quick Internet search will give you all the ideas you would need.

Space must be large enough for all in attendance to be able to sit and stand in a circle and plenty of room to move around freely. I have had parties in club houses, living rooms with all the furniture pushed against the wall, a screened in porch, and even out in the yard with a large quilt!

Limited weekends are available for parties.
Contact Cindy at or 898-4750

Kindermusik Celebration: $200.00
Kindermusik Celebration (currently enrolled students): $150.00